The Ukrainian emergency that has been unfolding since the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022 is no longer to be explained. Faithful to our long-standing feminist commitments, we are helping the civilian population with a friendly association Democracy Development based in Kyiv and directed by Ella Lamakh with whom we have been working since 2017.

We focused on 2 aspects:

Help to IDPs (internally displaced persons): purchase of cooking equipment and firewood for refugee collective homes

Aid for pregnant women victims of rape and sexual violence:

Even if it is still difficult to quantify the number of rapes committed by Russian soldiers on Ukrainian women and children, especially in the occupied regions, including Bucha, Irpin and Kherson, it is certain that these crimes have been committed in very large numbers.

The problem of forced pregnancies is real, as well as the urgency of abortions in very difficult conditions, especially when hospitals have been destroyed.

Furthermore, in Poland, where most of the refugees go, even on their way to other countries, abortion is forbidden.

Together with the Democracy Development Centre, we sought to provide hospitals in Ukraine medicated abortion - in particular miprostol. After considerable research, to prevent the products from ending up on the black market, we obtained the drugs with the help of the Malakoff City Council and especially Médecins sans Frontières (MSF), which was able to deliver the drugs directly to the main hospitals. We are currently working on a project to train and assist health care personnel who receive victims of sexual violence.

...The (still precarious) state of our finances

For this essential project, we are not subsidized and depend entirely on YOUR donations

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Sales, charity meals, concerts are held to support our action.


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