The story so far: Femaid from 1993-2001


From 1999 we worked with the Afghan feminist association RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) on many projects in Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Quetta. We started by helping Afghan refugee women and children in Pakistan, paying  refugee teachers' salaries, supporting an orphanage, providing gynecological medical equipment as well as financing secret classes for girls in Afghanistan. At the Khewa refugee camp, a camp run by RAWA in the frontier region of Pakistan-Afghanistan, we provided basic health and hygiene training for 20 birth attendants, English classes, and the purchase of essential equipment.

We also donated educational equipment to an entire primary school in the Pakhtunkhwa area


In Afghanistan itself, we have carried out various projects includingscholarships and donations of books and dictionaries to schools, especially since the numerous reconstructions of schools did not include the purchase of books.

A large quantity of toys was sent to Kabul university crèche and kindergarten

The most important project was the construction of a large children's library with a toy section in Farah , western Afghanistan with study rooms and classes for girls. The books were purchased in Iran because we felt it was important for the children to be able to read the books in their native language (as opposed to the English language books donated by the U.S. military).

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since 2010

Starting in 2010, we launched two types of projects in Kisangani (in collaboration with the sociology department of the university) and in Bukavu (with the association Afia-Fev, formed by nurses). The first project concerned the vocational training of young girls, especially in male trades such as carpentry and electricity, as well as scholarships to study at the University of Kisangani. At the same time, self-defense courses have been organized for girls attending two schools in Bukavu. Since 2010, hundreds of girls aged between 6 and 18 years old have taken courses, which has given them a new confidence in themselves and helped them concentrate on their studies, according to Semy Ntamwira who manages this project in Bukavu. This is why we are continuing this project.

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